Close on heels to the recent news regarding child prodigies at The Positive Media, we now have more good news, this time of a talented 12 year old boy who has been initiated into the native South African healing system as a ‘sangoma’ (spiritual healer).

kyle sangoma

Kyle Todd from Pretoria, is the youngest ‘white’ boy to have joined the ranks of South Africa’s 69000 registered sangomas, a sign that race and cultures are finally merging together in spiritual light.

Born in England, Kyle began on the mystical path at the age of 9 with a series of pre-cognitive dreams in which he foresaw many world events. He also had dreams of an old man and a young black sangoma who teaching him about the ancient medicine and asked his parents to drive him to the east of Pretoria to Mamelodi and then directed his parents to the house of the young Sangoma who were to be his teacher.

His parents support his career choice and he is pursuing his calling along with regular education. Kyle has already helped many patients including children.