Courtesy: Daily Mail UK

It was a Merry Xmas for a Eslam Mohammed’s Family dinner at Olive Garden Restaurant, Augusta Georgia. With 7 adults and 5 children, the Arab family was clearly recognised because of their dialect and the distinct Hijab (head scarf) worn by the women. After dinner when Eslam Mohammed asked for the bill, they were pleasantly surprised to find that the it had already been paid for by a kind stranger. What touched them the most were the  words lovingly scribbled on the receipt:

” Paid, Merry Christmas Beautiful Family!”

This heart-warming news has received more than 19,000 shares on Facebook so far and has gone viral across all media. In the wake of the recent Muslim Ban proposed by Donald Trump this is a loving gesture that has touched hearts among people across the globe.

In Eslam Mohammed’s words, ” There is still light in the dark”. Indeed.

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