Ho’oponopono – is an ancient Hawaiian practice of forgiveness and reconciliation to help us release unwanted feelings and gradually clear dis-ease from the body as well as improve the overall quality of our life.

Causes of Negativity or Disease: Fears and negative emotions could have been carried in the mind since previous births, past experiences, unhappy memories, pain or abuse faced in this lifetime and in some cases ancestral karma. These may have resulted in an ongoing thought-process which turned into negative self-talk and even unhealthy talk of others or the world. Unhealthy vibration frequencies emitted by us had manifested negative life experiences based on the same unhealthy pattern. Thankfully you can heal everything starting right now!

Here are some simple ways you can enjoy healing with Ho’oponopono:

The word “Ho’oponopono” literally means “to make right”. Its like a second chance you are giving to yourself through a gentle repetition of four beautiful phrases. “I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. I Love You. Thank You.” This is what I feel the phrases really mean in the forgiveness context.

I’m sorry – I could not understand why I feel this pain or anger, 

Please forgive me – if I knowingly or unknowingly hurt you,

I love you – because you are inspiring my spiritual breakthrough,

Thank You – for helping me gain this breakthrough and realize this lesson in love


Sing these lines in a musical tune, dance as you speak – just let your heart be your compass… Simple, isn’t it?

The following Ho’oponopono prayer is also very beneficial for those seeking forgiveness and clearance of ancestral karma by healing our relationship with the higher-self or universe. “Divine Creator, if I, my family, relatives and ancestors have offended you, your family, relatives and ancestors in thoughts, words, deeds or actions since the beginning of creation until the present – I seek forgiveness. Let this cut, release, cleanse, purify all negative thoughts, memories, blocks and vibrations and transmute this unwanted energies into pure light, for the highest good of all. So it is. So it is. So it is.”


To make this method part of your daily ritual sit in a comfortable position and meditate. Speak to yourself or visualize you are speaking to the person with whom healing is needed, and send the words “I’m Sorry. Please forgive me. I Love You. Thank You”. This will help you release your negative energies and transform your experiences into a positive one.

Let the tears flow, express and free yourself from your anger if you feel any but keep repeating the four lines until you find peace. Repeat this exercise until you find closure and this experience gives you answers or insight to your karmic lesson. You can also repeat these lines while you’re walking, after you wakeup or sleep, while commuting or whenever you feel the stream of painful thoughts. This exercise can also be said in times of joy in gratitude to the universal abundance coming your way.


The Ho’oponopono has been a tradition in many South Pacific communities  and many parts around the world where it has brought separated families, friends and lovers together once more to experience the divinity of their bonds. Its a great group therapy tool and is an alternative healing adding on to many spiritual practices including individual or family counselling. This practice can be used to bring respite to the ill, the aged, for curing pets, of plants, cleansing the aura of spaces, for enhancing prosperity, for finding true love and just about anything. Most of all you can use it for healing yourself, to forgive and love yourself!


Just BE in the space of forgiveness, love & gratitude with Ho’oponopono and watch your world heal!


Deesha Kriplani is a Freelance Writer & Editor with creative interests in spirituality, food & fashion. Connect with her on https://deeshakriplani.wordpress.com/