Our life is created by not only our thoughts but the beliefs and emotions that give rise to those thoughts and music has a lovely impact on what goes on at the back of our heads. Why not make a playlist of positive songs and keep yourself aiming for the stars?

To give you a start here is a selection of ten most positive songs of all times, (not in any particular order) to uplift your spirits and give you an energy boost. Enjoy listening to them anytime, right here!

  1. Don’t Worry Be Happy: Bobby McFerrin

2. The Sound of Music: Julie Andrews

3. Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot: Sting

4. That’s The Way It Is: Celine Dion

5. The Animal Song: Savage Garden

6. Happy: Pharell Williams

6. Imagine: Jonh Lennon

7. Heal The World: Michael Jackson

8. I Believe I Can Fly: R Kelly

9. What a Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong

10. I Have A Dream: ABBA


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Stay Tuned to the Positive!