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The Positive Media has been created by Swati Prakash,a spiritual author based in UK, to spread positive spiritual awareness through books and media.

Books: The Global Spiritual Revolution (introduction to spirituality and psychic skills), Magickal Energy Healing (detailed guide to chakras, aura and healing techniques), The Goddess Speaks (prayer and affirmations for earth healing), The Present Un-tensed (self-help guide to the present moment), You Are the Magick (spells and poetry to awaken your powers), The Timeless Truth (short inspirations and higher guidance) and Songs of The Self (spiritual poetry).

Cards: Angels Tarot (78 angels in 78 tarot cards) and the Inner Goddess Cards (33 cards for inspiration, guidance and meditation).




Background: Swati Prakash has served as a teacher of meditation, healing and intuitive skills. She was the leading creator of the first Indian tarot deck published by Museum of Tarot in Italy. She hosted India’s first paranormal reality show on national television, tarot radio shows as well as several seminars and workshops at various leading colleges and institutes such as IIT, SIES and Rotary as the president of Tarot India Network and owner of India’s first Magick store. Through her work she has inspired sparked a proliferation of metaphysical and spiritual stores in India and trained countless tarot readers and healers. She is currently based in UK and focused on writing and publishing through The Positive Media.


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